6/10/19 Patrick Eddington on the US Spying Apparatus

6/10/19 Patrick Eddington on the US Spying Apparatus

Scott interviews Patrick Eddington about the surveillance of U.S. citizens and the legislation that allows it. Although the USA Freedom Act ostensibly rolls back the NSA’s metadata program, it really only tweaks a technicality of whom the organization allowed to spy on, and has done nothing to limit the overall amount of data collected. Similar efforts to curtail the surveillance apparatus have met with concerns of increased terrorism. But Eddington reminds us that there’s never been a single proven case where electronic surveillance prevented an attack, so these programs do nothing but infringe on our liberty.

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Patrick Eddington is a research fellow at the Cato Institute, an ex-CIA analyst, and a former senior staffer in the House of Representatives. Follow him on Twitter @PGEddington.

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