6/4/21 Annelle Sheline on Washington’s Fatal Misunderstanding of the Situation in Yemen

6/4/21 Annelle Sheline on Washington’s Fatal Misunderstanding of the Situation in Yemen

Scott interviews Annelle Sheline about her work on the war in Yemen. Sheline says that negotiating an end to the war has proven difficult, since both the UN framework and the U.S.-Saudi mentality is totally inconsistent with the situation on the ground. Neither will confront the fact that the Houthi “rebels” have actually been in control of most of the country for the last few years already, and the Hadi “government” is really a group of men in a hotel room in Saudi Arabia. Asking for concessions from the Houthis at this stage simply isn’t realistic. And so the status quo continues: a near-total blockade, supposedly to stop weapons from getting into the hands of militants, but which really just prevents food and basic medicine from getting to a civilian population suffering from a devastating famine and multiple outbreaks of otherwise easily preventable illnesses.

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Annelle Sheline is a Research Fellow in the Middle East program at the Quincy Institute and an expert on religious and political authority in the Middle East and North Africa. Follow her on Twitter @AnnelleSheline.

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