8/20/18 Simone Chun on the Korean Peace Process

8/20/18 Simone Chun on the Korean Peace Process

Korea analyst Simone Chun comes on the show for an update on the Korean peace process. As usual, bipartisan opposition to Trump looms large, even with respect to policies that should have universal popularity, like peace on the Korean Peninsula. Chun explains how the media continue to ignore the fact that the negotiations are really led by Korean leaders, and the Trump mostly just refuses to put the kibosh on the talks, the way previous American presidents have. They probably want to do this so that they can stir up opposition to peace, with the ultimate goal of keeping our troops there (forever). Chun also discusses the tragic family separation that’s a byproduct of a divided Korea.

Discussed on the show:

Simone Chun is a member of the Korea Policy Institute and the Korea Peace Network, and is on the steering committee for the Alliance of Scholars Concerned about Korea. Read her work at Common Dreams.

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