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9/27/17 Julian Borger: White House Pressuring CIA to Find Iran in Noncompliance of Nuclear Deal

9/27/17 Julian Borger: White House Pressuring CIA to Find Iran in Noncompliance of Nuclear Deal

World affairs editor for the Guardian Julian Borger returns to the show to discuss his latest article “White House ‘pressuring’ intelligence officials to find Iran in violation of nuclear deal.” Borger details the pressure CIA officials are facing from the White House to find or procure evidence of Iran being in noncompliance with the nuclear deal. But while Borger believes there’s hope that the CIA isn’t willing to play ball, he details how the Trump administration is finding other creative ways to void the deal. Scott turns back the clock and wonders whether Obama could have solidified long term peace with Iran by visiting Tehran; Borger isn’t so sure. They try to understand just why Trump is against the Iran Deal, the attempt to torpedo which is beginning to look a lot like the push to war in Iraq. Finally, Borger explains just how effective the Iran Deal has been for nonproliferation.

Julian Borger is the Guardian’s world affairs editor. His book, The Butcher’s Trail, is the story of the pursuit and capture of the Balkan war criminals. Follow him on Twitter: @julianborger.

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