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News Roundup 6/22/2022

News Roundup 6/22/2022

US News The Biden administration announced a change in US military policy that bans the use of anti-personnel land mines everywhere in the world, except for the Korean Peninsula. [Link] Almost 1,400 New York Army National Guard Soldiers are deploying to East Africa...

News Roundup 6/22/2022

News Roundup 6/3/2022

Assange A Spanish court summons former CIA Director Mike Pompeo to testify about the agency’s plan to kidnap and assassinate Julian Assange. [Link] Germany Germany will buy 60 Boeing Chinook heavy-lift helicopters from Germany for $4 billion. [Link] Russia The US...

News Roundup 6/22/2022

News Roundup 5/29/22

US News The FBI claims to have foiled an ISIS attack on former President George W. Bush. [Link] Russia A US general offered to create military options for breaking the Russian blockade of Ukraine. [Link] The US awards Raytheon a nearly $700 million contract to...

News Roundup 3/31/2022

News Roundup 3/31/2022

US News The Oregon National Guard engaged in war games with the Bangladesh armed forces. [Link] Venezuela is buying and leasing oil tankers in anticipation of the US lifting sanctions. [Link] Russia A top Pentagon official says the US is working on a plan to send...

News Roundup 3/31/2022

News Roundup 3/28/2022

US News The Supreme Court removes a lower counts ruling that prohibited the Pentagon from altering the deployment of unvaccinated Navy SEALs. [Link] The Biden administration will request an $813 billion war budget in 2023. [Link] Russia Australia sanctions the...



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