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News Roundup 8/20/18

Moon of Alabama explains why Trump was right to revoke John Brennan's security clearance. [Link] James Bovard on the heroic work of Seymour Hersh who has exposed several horrific government crimes. [Link] Senator Rand Paul will ask Trump to lift sanctions on Russian...

News Roundup 6/19/18

Nearly 2,000 children have been separated from their parents at the southern border. [Link] Justin Raimondo gives his assessment of Trump's foreign policy. [Link] Trump announces the creation of a new military branch. The Space Force will be set up so the US can...

News Roundup 6/1/18

Trump gives Dinesh D'Souza a full pardon. [Link] Trump imposes steel and aluminum tariffs on Mexico, Canada, and the EU. [Link] The TSA has a secret list of travelers the TSA finds problematic. [Link] James Bovard explains why the TSA groping countless Americans is...

News Roundup 4/4/18

 Trump on Syria, “I want to get out, I want to bring our troops back home." [Link] Trump suggests sending troops to the southern border to stop immigrants. [Link] Trump on Russia "If we got along with Russia, that would be a good thing, not a bad thing." [Link]...

News Roundup 3/8/18

The SEC will now require crypto exchanges to register. [Link] Gary Cohn resigns as Trump's chief economic advisor. [Link] The US trade deficit increased to $56.6 billion in January. [Link] James Bovard explains how gun laws lead to federal government abuses. [Link]...

News Roundup 2/28/18

Senator Bob Corker will not seek reelection. [Link] Senators Sanders, Lee, Murphy, and Paul will introduce a War Powers Act resolution for the US involvement in Saudi's war against Yemen. [Link] Trump signs a deal with Boeing to buy two new Air Force One planes for...

News Roundup 2/19/18

Mitt Romney will run for Senate in Utah. [Link] The US government created the opioid crisis. [Link] The Muller investigation indicts 13 Russian. [Link] Moon of Alabama responds to the indictment. [Link] National Security Advisor McMaster says Russia meddled in the...



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