News Roundup 8/20/21

News Roundup 8/20/21

US News The Biden administration will eliminate $5.8 billion in student loan debt for over 320,000 disabled people. [Link]  Cuba The US sanctioned three Cuba officials using the Global Magnitsky Act. [Link] Afghanistan  The State Department said it was deploying more...

News Roundup 8/20/21

News Roundup 8/17/21

US News Ricky Kidd is suing the Kansas City, MO government and police after he was wrongly convicted of a double murder he didn't commit and spent 23 years in prison. [Link] Afghanistan  Biden delivers a speech standing by his decision to exit Afghanistan. [Link] The...

News Roundup 8/20/21

News Roundup 7/29/21

China A bipartisan House bill will recreate the Cold War-era Foreign Broadcast Information Service as the Open Translation and Analysis Center. The OTAC’s mission will be to counter China and is funded with $80 million annually from 2022 to 2026. [Link]  Secretary of...

News Roundup 8/20/21

News Roundup 4/19/21

US News Rusten Sheskey - the Kenosha police officer who shot Jacob Blake - returns to duty. [Link] Biden walks back a pledge to increase the number of refugees the US accepts. [Link] Judges are banning some alleged Capitol Rioters from accessing the internet. [Link]...

News Roundup 8/20/21

News Roundup 11/11/20

US News NASA certified Space X to carry astronauts. The US has been relying on Russia to taxi our astronauts back and forth. [Link] Republicans are attempting to prevent Trump from firing CIA Director Gina Haspel. [Link] The Acting Pentagon Policy Chief James Anderson...

Afghanistan’s Next War

New York Times Magazine  has published a expose of Afghanistan as it struggles with war and  Covid-19.  Writer Mujib Mashal and photographer Kiana Hayeri have documented the effect of Covid-19 on Afghanistan and how the country has no infrastructure to deal with the...

News Roundup 8/20/21

News Roundup 3/5/20

US News Tulsi Gabbard received at least one delegate on Super Tuesday. Recent Democratic Party debate rules have allowed all candidates with at least a delegate to participate in the debate. There is now concern the DNC will alter debate rules to prevent Tulsi from...



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