News Roundup 4/5/2024

News Roundup 4/5/2024

Russia US Official Admits Ukraine Proxy War Failing to Weaken Russia The Institute  Blinken Vows ‘Ukraine Will Become a Member of NATO’ AWC Russian Defense Minister Warns French Counterpart Against Sending Troops to Ukraine AWC Israel US Approves Transfer of Thousands...

War is the Health, Wealth and Death of the State

 “War is the health of the state.The American intellectuals, in their preoccupation with reality, seem to have forgotten that the real enemy is War rather than imperial Germany. There is work to be done to prevent this war of ours from passing into popular mythology...

The Real Enemy: The Bin Ladenites

Probably-ISIS just attacked civilians at a theater in Moscow. I have no reason to believe the U.S. is currently backing these terrorists like back in the Clinton and Bush years, other, perhaps than that they did then, but regardless, this terrorism should be a...

News Roundup 4/5/2024

News Roundup 3/20/2024

US News Major Studies Find No Evidence of Brain Injury in Alleged ‘Havana Syndrome’ Patients The Institute  Ukraine  Macron Says Western Ground Operations in Ukraine May Be Necessary at ‘Some Point’ AWC Austin Doubles Down on Military Aid for Israel and Ukraine The...

News Roundup 4/5/2024

News Roundup 3/15/24

Russia Putin Threatens To Use Nukes as NATO Continues Sabre Rattling AWC  Macron Once Again Says NATO Shouldn’t Rule Out Sending Troops to Ukraine AWC Germany’s Scholz Says Sending Ukraine Taurus Missiles Would Be ‘Irresponsible’ AWC China Taiwan Confirms Presence of...

News Roundup 4/5/2024

News Roundup 3/13/2024

US News ‘Defend the Guard’ Legislation to Be Taken Up By Idaho State House AWC Biden Requests $895 Billion for Military Spending for 2025 AWC Maryland Lawmaker Attempts to Stonewall Bill to Block Deployment of National Guard in Undeclared War The Institute  House...



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