Assessing Presidential Actions – From A Libertarian Perspective

by | Oct 15, 2019

Assessing Presidential Actions – From A Libertarian Perspective

by | Oct 15, 2019

It should be apparent to everyone by now that collectivist thinking is running wild and identity politics is en vogue.

You’re supposed to hate Trump because one group says so, or you’re supposed to love Trump because another group says so.

But to the libertarian individual, this means nothing. It really doesn’t matter what type of thinking happens to be en vogue.

To the advocate of liberty, there is a simple test when analyzing one’s own actions, as well as the actions of others — Is the action peaceful? Or is coercion being used by one individual against another?

The libertarian believes that no one (including government) has the natural right to use violent force (or to threaten the use of violent force) against anyone else.

If the action is peaceful, or if a politician moves in the direction of peace — then Godspeed!

If the action is aggressive and coercive, then the libertarian’s job is to speak up and point out the error.

Most of the time, when it comes to politics, the libertarian is speaking out and pointing out the errors. Politicians (in modern times) value themselves, and are valued by citizens, by the amount of aggressive force they’re able to dish out.

It’s pretty pathetic — especially in what’s supposed to be the ‘Land of the Free.’

But it is what it is, for the moment.

Rarely do politicians decrease their own powers, repeal their own laws, and pull back from costly and deadly wars. Usually, they perpetuate these aggressive and violent deeds until a severe financial crisis forces them to finally stop.

Economic laws and the market always trump the state.

No exceptions…ever.

When the rare opportunity presents itself, and a politician does move in the direction of liberty and peace, it’s important for the libertarian to point it out, and praise the action!

It’s an extra bonus when a president moves in the direction of peace, either by avoiding or ending wars, or in bringing troops home. Any moves in that direction deserve loud praise.

The reasons are simple to understand — Empire is priority #1 for politicians and their special interests. Everything takes a backseat to Empire, and it is the biggest ‘government program’ of them all.

War and Empire are also government at its very worst. War is the most destructive thing in the human experience. Nothing done by any individual, or even group of private individuals can compare to the number of bodies that have been piled up from government wars.

Nothing comes even close.

So when a move towards peace, or even the denting of the image of Empire occurs, the libertarian perks up, and speaks up!

We want more!!

If it’s out of Syria today …. let’s make it out of Iraq tomorrow …. and out of Korea the next day …. and out of Europe the day after that. Then out of Japan, and Afghanistan, and all of Africa after that ….

All the way until the very last American troop stationed overseas is brought home.

It’s inevitable. All Empires go broke.

So let’s make it happen now!

Obviously, this is the greatest fear of politicians and their special interests. They unleash propaganda from every angle to prevent that first domino from falling. They have to keep enough American people believing that 1,000 military bases scattered all over the world are necessary. Enough Americans must stay silent about shelling out TRILLIONS of dollars to keep the empire going.

That’s big bucks!

If a libertarian praises an anti-Empire action by the president, it does not mean that he/she approves of everything the president has done, or continues to do.

When collectivist thinking runs wild, you’re expected to love or hate someone completely.

That’s nonsense.

President Trump has (and will continue) to implement anti-Liberty policies. He is not a libertarian. Those errors must continue to be pointed out by libertarians until he leaves office.

But if Trump so much as removes a single soldier from the endless wars, or Tweets that the endless wars must end, these instances must be praised and encouraged.

There’s nothing easier than valuing, advocating and cherishing Liberty. It’s simple.

No swamps … no competing ‘interests’ … no lies … no politics.

Just a simple belief in ‘live and let live’ …. A simple belief in ‘first, do no harm.’ … A simple belief in ‘I’ll keep my hands off you and your stuff, and you keep your hands off me and my stuff.’

How beautiful is that?

Republished with permission from the Ron Paul Institute of Peace and Prosperity.

About Chris Rossini

Chris Rossini is an editor & writer for the Ron Paul Liberty Report and media coordinator for Ron Paul.

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