Donald Trump and the Zombie Elites

by | Feb 9, 2017

Donald Trump and the Zombie Elites

by | Feb 9, 2017

This is the first post in what is going to be series of posts about Donald Trump, the United States, and you and I.

It’s going to be about the rise of Trump, what he represents, and today’s American political culture.

My goal is not to support or bash Trump or the Democrats, but to do the best I can do to bring understanding to what is going on today.

Of course, this will impact investing and what goes on in the financial markets even if right now things seem odd.

When it comes to the markets there is no volatility and no worries about anything.

In fact, the stock market made history this week, because the S&P 500 just logged 80 straight days without falling even one percent in a single day.

And it’s funny, because the markets are calmer now for the moment than ever before, but when you talk to people just about anywhere there is more of a feeling of unease than ever before too.

And much of that is associated with the election and Donald Trump.

You have people against Trump demonstrating against him who appear to in the eyes of the Trump voters to be irrationally freaking out simply because they lost the election.

At the same time, you do have a lot of uncertainty over what Donald Trump is going to do.

He came in as a populist set to make massive changes and that is going to mean breaking some serious eggs.

I spent the days following Trump’s election victory spending hours on the phone talking to various people and reading material to try to figure out Trump myself.

I then wrote a 30 page plus private report to my Power Investor members about what Trump is looking to do in regards to the economy and how it will likely impact the financial markets.

I was considering actually writing a book about my findings.

But I didn’t do it.

I came to see that the news cycle was simply moving too fast for me to write a book.

So instead I’m going to aim to do a couple of blog posts a month about Trump and the state of American society and culture.

That’s going to enable me to touch on a lot of topics and write about things I have wanted to talk about for some time.

I also think that blog posts might be the best format for something like this, because with blog posts you can put videos in them and can link them to each other and to other sources of information and over time actually build up a great encyclopedic type of resource for people.

I got a unique take on things.

I really do not care about looking at things from the partisan prism that dominates our media and political system.

So I’m likely to say things that might upset both sides or actually force people at times to look at things a little differently that might disturb them.

So why am I calling this post today Donald Trump and the Zombie Elites.

Donald Trump won the Republican Primaries last year because of a collapse within the Republican Party that enabled him to walk right through and dominate it.

The Republican Primary voters had enough of Jeb Bush and the others like him and wanted real change.

And on the November election-day we saw that evening that the rest of the American people decided too that they wanted to reject the system so to speak and vote for the man who positioned himself against it.

Nothing like it had been seen in American politics in our lifetimes.

But all of this happened because of a failure of the elites.

American history has gone through changes and there have been times when one elite faction has dominated one political party or the entire political system.

Starting in the 1970’s a rise of a new banking and financial elite began with a new vision of the world.

Read the rest at Wall St. Window here.

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