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Imperial Tilt

by | Nov 20, 2023

Imperial Tilt

by | Nov 20, 2023

die cast spinning top silhouetted

A slightly scratched die-cast lead spinning top in an upright position on a dark background with an eerie backlight.

The Imperial U.S. Government (IUSG) and its “greatest ally,” the state of Israel, are in full psychotic & psychopathic Tilt. Together, these governments are confronting the entire planet as they reinforce each other’s fundamental and inverse mythologies.

Tilt is a phenomenon in which agents lose control of their emotions and begin making bad decision after bad decision. It is commonly associated with poker, which is fitting since our imperial elites are gambling with our civilization and the very existence of the human species.

The U.S. government began tilting hard during the American Civil War and throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. But it went into perpetual tilt following World War II when it embraced global empire.

Bad decisions were made, including the Korean War, the 1953 Iranian coup, the Vietnam War, mass surveillance of Americans, and reckless and irresponsible nuclear brinksmanship with the Soviet Union.

Upon the collapse of the Soviet Union, the IUSG went into entitlement tilt. It was time to do whatever it wanted because no one could stop it! All grounding in Realpolitick was thrown aside in favor of liberal interventionist and neoconservative psychoses.

More bad decisions were made, such as Desert Storm, dual containment, Waco, backing Islamist terrorists in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Chechnya, escalated Iran demonization, and NATO expansion.

When blowback came with the Al Qaeda terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the IUSG descended into revenge tilt.

The IUSG, embarrassed by the massive security failure of 9/11 and emboldened by the resulting popular support, pursued its own geopolitical fantasies. It made more bad decisions.

It invaded Afghanistan and toppled the Taliban-run government, allowing Osama bin Laden to escape. It invaded Iraq, a nation with no ties to Al Qaeda or the 9/11 attacks. It launched a war in Somalia (no, for real) that is currently its longest running war.

The IUSG started blowing up civilians in Pakistan, destroyed Libya, spread chaos to Mali (it’s in Africa), fought a dirty war against Bashar Al-Assad’s Syria, and blew up civilians in Yemen, but then stopped and started helping Saudi Arabia blow up civilians in Yemen.

And all this time the IUSG had enough energy to keep expanding NATO and provoking Russia. In 2014 the IUSG backed aa coup in Ukraine that kicked off years of violence between the right-wing coup government and Russian sympathetic citizens in the east.

When Russia escalated this conflict with a ground invasion in 2022, the IUSG vowed to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian. It has just about accomplished this.

To recap, Iraq is now ruled by Iranian-adjacent Shia, Assad still rules Syria and Afghanistan is ruled by the Taliban once again. And Ukraine is about to collapse.

But forget all that! The IUSG has been dragged back into the Middle East. On October 7, the terrorist organization Hamas broke out of their panopticon concentration camp that is Gaza and unleashed a surprise attack on Israeli military and civilian targets. In response, the Israeli apartheid government has turned all of Gaza into a walled in slaughterhouse.

Israel is in genocidal tilt. Its political and military elite are saying the quiet parts out loud, but the IUSG elites and its media allies are pretending Israel is up against archetypal, malevolent evil.

The IUSG’s unquestioning financial, military, and diplomatic support for Israel’s rape of Gaza has highlighted the “special relationship” between the two governments.

The Israel lobby’s massive influence at the Versailles on the Potomac has been well documented. In fact, while children in Gaza cower in fear of the Israeli Air Force, politicians in DC cower in fear of the Israel lobby. But this alone cannot explain the way in which the IUSG fetishizes Israel.

After all, the Saudis have a powerful lobby in DC and the empire backed Saudi Arabia’s genocidal campaign in Yemen for almost a decade. Saudi Arabia has been given a pass for its links to an attack on the IUSG, just as Israel has. And Saudi Arabia, like Israel, is a recipient of massive IUSG foreign aid. Yet no one pretends that Saudi Arabia is a great American ally. No politician makes a love of Saudi Arabia part of his or her presidential campaign.

The deep and dark connection between the IUSG and Israel is rooted in their inverse and complementary mythologies that reinforce and exacerbate each other.

The IUSG and the state of Israel both crafted their current nationalist mythologies in the aftermath of World War II. Simply put, the IUSG’s narrative is, “We defeated the Nazis!” and Israel’s is, “The Nazis almost killed us all!” Both narratives are deployed to justify anything and everything these governments do.

The IUSG is the Great Liberator and Israel is the Great Victim. This became a liability on October 7 when the IUSG saw a chance to believe in itself again. When Israel launched its genocidal counter reaction its, “leaders seem to have overestimated the extent to which the U.S. information warfare machine would shield them from public scrutiny and political accountability.”

The IUSG didn’t want to shield them at all. It wanted to get those airstrikes on CNN and roll out its favorite mythology!

Placed in the spotlight, Israel has felt compelled to double down on its mythological underpinnings. Hence a copy of Mein Kampf found in a Palestinian child’s bedroom\Hamas Command Center.

Israel’s best move is an immediate ceasefire. But it can’t see this through the hateful haze of its tilt. The IUSG could stop the madness with a phone call, but it prefers to keep the casino of death running full tilt.

We have no power to stop the horror or prevent the greater horrors in the offing. All we can do is bear witness to the truth, speak out against the madness, and refuse to cheer for the slaughter.

About John Weeks

John is a member of the Society for Consciousness Studies, where he researches literary theory. Whereas dominant academic literary discourse revolves around Marx, Lacan and Derrida, he prefers Mises, Horton and Woods.

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