Looking Ahead to New Institute Published Books

Building on the great success of Fool’s ErrandNo QuarterThe Great Ron Paul and Coming to Palestine, the Libertarian Institute will be publishing at least three new books in the new year:

I am hard at work on my new book Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism, my take on every U.S. conflict in the Middle East since 1979.

our executive editor Sheldon Richman is working on a great new compilation of his essays on libertarianism, titled What Social Animals Owe to Each Other: Essays on Individualism as the Basis of Social Cooperation.

our good friend Thomas R. Eddlem is now hard at work editing and preparing another great posthumous work of our hero and co-founder, the late, great William Norman Grigg, titled, The Stolen Life of Christopher Tapp, about the terrible false conviction and imprisonment of that innocent man by authorities in the state of Idaho. (As with No Quarter, all proceeds from this book will go directly to Will’s family, of course.)

and our new managing editor Pete Quinones is working on a reexamination of the 1993 ATF-FBI siege and massacre at Waco, Texas.

This is the work that we are dedicated to at the Libertarian Institute. But it’s all a bit easier with your support.

And we’re a 501c3 tax-exempt not-for-profit organization, so you can write it off on your income taxes! Donate today!

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