Trump Vocalized A Massive Truth About Terrorism…But Is Anyone Paying Attention?

by | Apr 26, 2017

Trump Vocalized A Massive Truth About Terrorism…But Is Anyone Paying Attention?

by | Apr 26, 2017

President Trump, who flipped his position on NATO (amongst his many other flips) is now trying to explain why he originally and accurately called the military bureaucracy “obsolete.”

Trump’s new excuse is that he “didn’t know much about NATO,” when he said it, which isn’t very encouraging considering he was running for President of The United States!

But then Trump let out a massive truth that should have stopped everyone in their tracks. He said: You know, back when they did NATO there was no such thing as terrorism.”

What a HUGE statement! And it’s true!

Sure there was localized terroristic activity inside certain countries. Groups are always trying to get in control of wielding state power. Terrorism is a tactic.

But Trump is correct. There was “no such thing as terrorism” compared to what we see today. The Western World wasn’t constantly on alert and forming police/surveillance states at home out of fear of terrorism.

No, in fact, the Western World was foolishly on alert in fear of bankrupt Communism.

The West was forming police/surveillance states at home under the guise that the commies were coming.

Well the commies folded like a cheap deck of cards.

Poof! … Gone.

Did America do the intelligent thing and fold up the military empire after the commies disappeared?

No sir.

It was off to the Middle East!

Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria…

Killing on a massive scale. Estimates range that over a million people have died. When it came to the death of 500,000 children in Iraq, the U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright said that it was “worth it.”

As a consequence, terrorism filled the void that was left by the commies. A new official enemy.

Here’s a key question: Did Islam exist when NATO was formed? Did Islam exist during the 1700s, 1800s, 1900s?

Of course it did.

Islam isn’t a religion that sprang up yesterday. Islam came to be many hundreds of years ago.

So why was terrorism never a worry? Why did it become a worry after the U.S. went into the Middle East? Why wasn’t it a worry before?

You know who has been trying to tell Americans this very thing for years?

Of course you know:

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