Tulsi Gabbard: A Fox in the Hen’s House

by | Jan 17, 2019

Tulsi Gabbard: A Fox in the Hen’s House

by | Jan 17, 2019


The Democratic primary is just kicking off and they’ve already got a fox in the henhouse.

A coy, young presidential-hopeful seeks to capitalize on Trump’s nationalistic and isolationist rhetoric, deviating from the party’s platform by boldly declaring political objectives shared by the hated president.

This fox knew that the ticket to winning the Democratic nominee next year, the ticket to one day being glamorously sprinkled from arena rafters by China’s finest blue confetti, that ticket is agreeing with Trump’s foreign policy.

So, while you may have thought Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, the dastardly fox, that her heart bleeds just like your socially-just little pumper, well don’t be so foolish, comrade.

She’s nothing more than Pat Buchanan in leftist’s clothing.

Can you believe this lady, telling us not to be “prejudicial” against Christians?

Sure, Tulsi Gabbard is a young, mixed-race female Hindu immigrant from Hawaii whose been an activist, businesswoman, and soldier who practices vegetarianism, as well as martial arts and yoga. She checks so many progressive boxes that she makes Barack Obama look like Prince Henry.

But, as Vox recently put it, her ideas are “quixotic,” something we’ve all been thinking, obviously.

With these latest comments it’s clear that Gabbard isn’t ready for the presidential challenge and she probably never will be.

She doesn’t realize that, much like Obama displayed while in office, real liberal Democrats actually don’t discriminate when they achieve power.

In fact, Democratic leadership has both indiscriminately and liberally armed, bombed, and double-crossed millions of Muslims, all different kinds of them.

Old, white, Christian generals plotting a pre-eminent strike on Tehran? Well, as long as they’re not referring to their grandson as a ‘queer’, carry on.

Of course, the reliable media hasn’t let Tulsi Gabbard get away with these deviations from party lines.

First she didn’t want more war in Iraq or Syria, or to just arm al Qaeda directly, now homophobia?

News flash Tulsi: It’s not 2008 anymore!

With the media’s help culling the primary coop, it’s only a matter of time before mother hen comes home to roost once again.

Democrats can sit back comfortably this primary season and watch as the affable but bumbling old Bernie, who already bent the knee once in 2016, and Kirsten Gillibrand, who has the charisma of Hillary Clinton on morphine, and the rest of the darling progressives all step aside for mother hen Hillary’s return to dominance.

Dressed once again like a toddler from the future, Clinton will rise like a phoenix from the ashes of a presidential bid scorched by Vladimir Putin just three dubious years ago.

Pay no mind to her pointed ears and long bushy tail.

Josh Russo is a libertarian from New York. Email him at russojoshua42@gmail.com


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