Review of “Libertarian Anarchy: The Case Against the State”

Gerard Casey, an Associate Professor of Philosophy at University College in Dublin, Ireland, and an Adjunct Scholar at the Mises Institute, has written a concise, excellently sourced treatise promoting the political philosophy he labels “libertarian anarchy.” Professor Casey writes in large part from a Rothbardian perspective, as one sees by his very first sentence: “States are criminal organizations.” He distinguishes libertarianism from libertinism, noting that libertarians may live by strict moral principles, yet “the law has no business enforcing purely moral considerations.” Casey...

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Anarchism and Electoral Politics: Irreconcilable Differences?

I. Anarchist Approaches as to Political Participation Among anarchists, there is always much discussion and debate over the question of what role, if any, anarchists should play in electoral politics. The anarchist community is split on this question. There seem to be three main schools of thought. The first is that anarchists should never vote. The second is that anarchists should decide on an individual case by case basis whether and when to vote and/or to engage in political activity (such as campaigning, fundraising, donating money, advocating in elections etc). The third is that...

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