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11/11/22 Grant F. Smith on Netanyahu, AIPAC and the ADL’s Influence on the FBI

 Download Episode. Scott talks with Grant F. Smith about the work he’s doing to track the ways Israel’s government tries to affect American politics. First, they talk about the return of Benjamin Netanyahu and how this could signal a disturbing shift in Israeli politics. They then move on to the fruitful effort by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, AIPAC, to help pro-Israel candidates win elections last week. Lastly, they talk about some of the research Smith’s organization has done into the Anti-Defamation League’s influence over the FBI. Discussed on the show:

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11/7/22 Alan MacLeod on the Former Israeli Spies in Top Social Media Jobs

 Download Episode. Alan MacLeod of Mintpress News is back to talk more about the alarming number of former spies working for the largest internet and social media companies. This time MacLeod dug up evidence of numerous former Israeli military intelligence officials with jobs at Google, Microsoft and Facebook. Scott and MacLeod reflect on how powerful these companies have grown and how much influence they have over what’s considered true. They also talk about how Russiagate was a huge turning point in the history of the internet.  Discussed on the show: “Revealed: The Former Israeli Spies...

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11/7/22 Joe Kent on his Journey from Green Beret to Congressional Candidate

 Download Episode. Scott talks with congressional candidate Joe Kent about his career, worldview and stances on the foreign policy issues of the day. Kent spent two decades in the army and was deployed all over the middle east. He talks Scott through his career and how his view of America’s wars evolved. Scott then presses Kent on some of his beliefs and statements about China.  Discussed on the show: Joe Kent Campaign Website Joe Kent is a retired Army Special Forces soldier who is running for Congress in Washington State’s 3rd District. Follow him on Twitter @joekent16jan19 This episode...

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11/4/22 Douglas Macgregor on the Lost Opportunities to Leave Ukraine Better Off

 Download Episode. This week on Antiwar Radio, Scott talks with retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor about the war in Ukraine. From the beginning, Macgregor has been very critical of the Biden Administration’s myopic insistence on escalation. Now, it appears that a divide has broken out within Washington about how much further the U.S. and NATO can go. Scott and Macgregor discuss this evolving dynamic and reflect on all the missed chances for peace that would have left Ukraine with more territory and fewer lives lost. Now, with what appears to be a massive Russian offensive in the works,...

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11/4/22 Ted Snider: The US Admits Iran Isn’t Building a Nuclear Bomb

 Download Episode. Scott brings Ted Snider back on to discuss a major story that nobody but appears to be covering. The Biden Administration recently declassified its Nuclear Posture Review where it is admitted that Iran is not working towards a nuclear bomb. After a quick discussion about how U.S. nuclear strike policy has evolved since the Cold War, Scott and Snider dig into this bombshell of a story. They reflect back on all the revelations that made it clear the Iran nuclear weapons program was a hoax. Now, this official acknowledgment really drives home how ridiculous all...

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10/31/22 Mike Swanson on our Strange and Troubling Economy

 Download Episode. Scott talks with Mike Swanson about the economic mess we find ourselves in. Swanson helps us understand how we got here and why all the traditional “experts” have been so confused. Swanson argues that what happened in the UK with Liz Truss may indicate that governments are no longer able to rely on stimulus to delay economic pain. Scott and Swanson also look to history to help predict what the American economy will look like in the near future.  Discussed on the show: “Fed Seen Aggressively Hiking to 5%, Triggering Global Recession” (Bloomberg) Secrets of the Temple: How...

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