College: 4 Years of Labor for $0.00 an Hour

by | Nov 15, 2022


Has it ever occurred to the “Fight for $15” Democratic Socialists that volunteer work and college violate their principle of “all work should render a $15 an hour wage”?

College involves thousands of unpaid hours listening to trivial nonsense which no student remembers. Students graduate with little to no humility, or a decent grasp on history, economics, science, politics, or philosophy.

Yet, the Imperialist Democratic Socialist (IDS) is undeterred.

Everyone must be coerced into funding and attending government schools. The IDS must continue to regulate the economic behavior of the masses too ignorant to know what is good for them.

Putting everyone in college to make them “smarter” is like putting everyone in the NBA to make them taller. You end up with…

Credential Inflation: Also known as academic inflation, is the process of inflating the minimal credentials necessary for a particular job while at the same time devaluing certificates and degrees.

Credential Inflation: “An individual with a printing press prospers, but a society can’t get rich simply by printing more money. The same goes for credentials”

– Dr. Bryan Caplan, @bryan_caplan


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