50 High Ranking Police Officers To Mark 9/11 – In Israel

The Police Unity tour, a joint US Israeli meeting including 50 high-ranking police officers from the US will be in Israel for 9 day’s to learn the latest in counter-terrorism techniques.

“We will be discussing the issue of the kites and balloons so we will know what and how the Israeli officers deal with it,” Safras said.

It’s about time the US started taking this issue seriously.  All over America, at parks, in neighborhoods and at the beach would-be terrorists are flying kites unsupervised.  Thank god someone is finally going to keep an eye on these troublemakers.

And who better to learn from than the Israelis?

Israel’s internal security minister reportedly stated that the army is seeking ‘ethical technological solutions’ to stop the ‘threat’ of kites; however, the new policy now in place allows the Israeli army and air force to treat those flying kites the same way as fighters firing rockets.

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