A Video of the Great William N. Grigg Debating the Iraq War Has Surfaced

by | Feb 20, 2020

This is from November 16, 2008, and the resolution is, “Is There a Justified Military Presence in Iraq?” Will obviously argues for the negative.

I made sure to watch the entire debate before I posted this. Will’s opponent comes from the “America is a Christian Nation and Muslims wish to slit out throats in the streets” school of “thought.”

What you will hear from Will is a well-thought out presentation in which he explains everything from the US empowering Iran with Iraq’s regime change, to a detailing of the “redirection”  by the Bush administration. He gives a historical analysis all the way back to the Iranian coup in 1953, and finishes off in his closing arguments with a fiery denunciation of the American Empire. He even includes a section on Clinton’s war in the Balkans.

I strongly recommend watching this to remember why he was the best of us. If you’re not willing to devote the time, at least watch his closing statement which will infuriate, and inspire you. It starts at 1:21:25.

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