Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Sequel

by | Jul 1, 2019

Just saw An Inconvenient Sequel (2017) expecting the latest data on climate change, but just got more of Al Gore making this all about him, going on and on about himself, how people around the world recognize him in the streets and mistakenly think he’s the current President of the United States, how he lost the election and it wasn’t fair, and what a great guy he is for conceding, showing us his concession speech AGAIN. Gore acts like a really needy person desperate for attention. Taking us through his life history, showing us his dog “Bo” named after Obama’s dog (real creative), holding up framed photos of him on Meet the Press to impress us.

You’re in your own MOVIE, let’s not waste the audience’s time bragging about how you’ve been on television. He even shows footage of him showing people An Inconvenient Truth in 2006. Is this a sequel or just very delayed BONUS FEATURES for the first movie? There’s a tiny smattering of relevant anecdotal evidence to global warming, the flood in New York, Philippines, a heat wave in Pakistan, and then prescribes to an audience full of terrified women with their mouths hanging open not get pregnant because there’s a good chance they could get the Zika virus from a mosquito (it’s ~0.00014%, and then only 5-14% of those infected will have birth defects*). The other evidence was a long walk to blame Islamic terrorism on climate change. And this all ends with him saying his belief in climate change being catastrophic is a “feeling” and when he looks at the data he has a strong “feeling” what he’s saying is true. I would rather he interview scientists expressing such concern. Nothing minimizes climate change more than Al Gore. I must say he has learned a little something. With polar bear population at a 40 year high and ice caps not melting by the summer of 2013, gore has learned to shy away from referencing specific claims.

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