Blame Mexico? Blame Neocons! Blame Big Pharma! Blame the USA!

by | Mar 23, 2023

ABC News: If fentanyl is so deadly, why do drug dealers use it to lace illicit drugs?

I have an alternative explanation. America has been fighting endless wars almost the entire century. Many have come home from these never-ending wars with injuries and pains. Doctors got them addicted. The prescriptions often expired but not the pain. So the first drug dealers who created the addictions were neoconservatives who have sent so many to wars of choice that never end and it is dubious that we are safer but it is indisputable that we are now burdened by a much heavier debt burden in addition to the ordinary burdens of life. Then doctors in cooperation with big pharma. After having created the need and the addiction, so production increases to meet the soaring demand. Government created the demand. Then withdrew supply. So who really created the problem?

And with respect to Mexico, really, what should we expect? Our demand for drugs in the USA is probably a larger market than the GDP of Mexico. We are both narco-states. We demand. They supply. Global supply chain. And the USA must have extensive distribution networks. We expect Mexico to cut off supply and say they are a corrupt narco-state. Why can’t we choke off distribution? Maybe we are also a corrupt narco-state?

Mexico supplies the fentanyl demanded by Americans. America provides the weapons and ammunition for the Mexican drug cartels.

The money the drug cartels use to buy Mexican politicians, probably USA politicians and American weapons comes from the U.S. dollars they receive selling to Americans.

The answer is not invading Mexico. We need to stop blaming others for our own problems. Stop the endless wars. Legalize drugs. Legalization will alter incentives. Create competition. And producers will, unless government also grants them immunity, will be subject to product liability. So maybe instead of being addictive and deadly it will become addictive and safe or, at least, much safer. And we can add this to the list of the many addictions Americans have.

And maybe, just maybe, if our government changed its messaging from war and fear to hope and peace, Americans would have less addictions. The cause of our national mental health problems is government! And what would best serve Americans is immunity, a vaccine, against government. Government is the disease! Government is the most deadly disease!

This blog was originally featured at and is republished with permission.

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Jeffrey Wernick is a private investor and early advocate and acquirer of bitcoin. He frequently lectures at his alma mater, the University of Chicago.

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