BLM Protesters Sit In at Kentucky AG’s House, Arrested

by | Jul 15, 2020

87 people were arrested and charged with felonies(!) for sitting in at the Kentucky Attorney General’s house to let him know that he better charge the cops who murdered Breonna Taylor. (ACLU is protesting against the felony charges. They’re almost sure to be dropped.)

This — accountability for killer cops — is exactly the point and these are exactly the tactics that the Black Lives Matter movement should be focusing on. The actual individual human beings sitting in the positions as judges, DAs, AGs, mayors, police chiefs, etc. must be made to understand that they personally will be held accountable, and not just maybe-someday at the ballot box. “Your neighbors are all going to hate your guts for bringing all these chanting black people to your neighborhood every day,” is certain to be far more effective.

Just look how they’ve shaken the black female DA in L.A.: She’s terrified because they want to force her to jail murderer cops. So far she’s more afraid of the police than the people, but that’s clearly beginning to change.

Congratulations to the protest leaders who are focusing their efforts in this way. Blaming everybody who’s not a cop for being “racist” is a massive waste of effort, when it’s not downright counterproductive. Focusing on the individual people of all colors who *actually* help cops get away with murder is surely the way to go.

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