Call Your Congressmen and Senators Re Yemen War Powers Resolution

by | Jul 25, 2022

In the House it’s HJ Res 87, in the Senate it’s SJ Res 54.

Call 833 STOP WAR and they will connect you directly to your representatives.

If you have a Democratic Congressman, tell them the President said he wants to end this war. He needs us to support him on this to help him face down pressure from the Republicans. Also, emphasize the humanitarian crisis and the idea that ending this war now will be good for the Democrats in November.

If your rep is a Republican, you should tell them you believe in America First! Obama started this war, Brandon sucks at implementing it. This is not the war on terrorism against AQAP, this war actually directly benefits them by targeting their worst enemies. Wasting money on policing the world when we’re running out of baby formula makes me angry. And passing this resolution will embarrass and help to weaken Biden and the Democrats for November.

This war is treason and genocide. There’s currently a cease-fire. The Saudis have abandoned their major goal of reinstalling the last dictator.

And lo and behold: there are literally brand-new, active War Powers Resolutions in both houses of Congress right now.

We have an advantage to press. We have to do everything we can to press it.


And thank you!

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