Cannabis Reform’s Momentous Election Night

by | Nov 10, 2020

Even in conservative Mississippi

As most had expected, cannabis reform was a big winner on Election Night 2020. While the nation’s leadership remains in flux, the cannabis results have been anything but. In five states — South Dakota, Mississippi, Arizona, Montana, and New Jersey — voters headed to the polls and let it be known that they want medical or adult-use cannabis. And in one state, voters said yes to both marijuana laws at the same time. The cannabis clean sweep appears to signal another momentous milestone for the marijuana movement that now reaches well across the aisle. As cannabis reform moves closer to a bipartisan topic with each election, the five states to pass regulations this time around send several messages to the nation. Not only is America ready for legal cannabis, but the message it sent could have been even more substantial had it not been for the pandemic and some lingering opposition in some states. 

Cannabis Reform’s Momentous Election Night Could Be The Long-Awaited Tipping Point

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Steve Woskow is an entrepreneur and was President of Agtech Products, Inc., a research and development company specializing in animal agriculture. He has a Ph.D. in Nutrition and Food Science from Iowa State University. He is retired and lives with his family in Northern Nevada.

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