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CDC, Epidemics And “Panic”

by | Feb 17, 2020

Could world health authorities be concealing information from the public at all right now? Who knows, could be. If they are doing this, is the need to “prevent panic” itself preventing people from having the information they need to take proactive protective measures?

We’re meant to think that panic prevents authorities from managing behavior, and makes epidemic disease outbreaks worse. However, what if the authorities themselves simply don’t have the resources, competence or ability to manage outbreaks? What if, like the economy, these kinds of things are nearly impossible to plan for completely? Wouldn’t transparent information assist some decentralized outbreak response, and help make the final problem less severe?

Could it be that government health officials have their own version of “full spectrum dominance”? Maybe the government prioritizes its ability to have command and control in a chaotic breakdown of society over the well-being of its citizens. Wouldn’t be the first time these sort of priorities asserted themselves.

Imagine if the banking system broke down, as well as communication from public officials? What if people invented a bootstrapped alternative to money and finance for a few months then decided they liked it more than current system? What if people develop their own militia based system of keeping the peace and realize they don’t need or want cops to return.

Yeah, can’t have that. What are a few million lives against “law and order”?

About Zack Sorenson

Zachary Sorenson worked for the United States Air Force for six years as a Navigation Officer. He recently quit because of a principled opposition to war. He considers himself to be a Libertarian, and studied Economics at the University of Maryland, College Park. He would like to see the resurgence of a non-political commitment to peace for its own sake, across the spectrum of ideologies.

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