Chicago Cops Terrorize Kids

by | Oct 30, 2019

Oops – wrong address.

When heavily armed officers raided a home in one of Chicago’s poorest neighborhoods, instead of finding an accused drug dealer, they found 9-year-old Peter Mendez and his family.

“It was like my life just flashed before my eyes,” Peter said of the 2017 incident.

The officers, yelling “get on the ground,” pointed their assault weapons at Peter and his family and handcuffed his father before realizing they were at the wrong apartment.

You would think that if they are going to conduct a raid with heavily armed cops that they would make damn sure they have the right address.  How about checking with the landlord, or asking a neighbor maybe check with the post office.  Is it that hard?  Or, just stop conducting these types of raids.

Also, check out the documentary referenced.


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