Chris Rock’s New Special Exposes His Political Ignorance

by | Mar 8, 2023

A common claim among Democrats is that, “It’s not that people don’t want to be educated, they just haven’t been given the opportunity, thus government spending on education needs to increase.”

If there were ever a group of people capable of “educating” themselves it would be American celebrities.

Yet it seems as though there is a secret contest among them to see who could be the most historically, economically, and philosophically illiterate.

The most recent example comes from Chris Rock’s “Selective Outrage” Netflix special where he says, “It’s the Royal Family…they invented colonialism.”

Here is a brief list of empires who engaged in Colonialism before the Royal Family did:

  • Marhasi Empire
  • Islamic Empires
  • Akkadian Empire
  • Hittite empire
  • Assyrian Empire
  • Roman Empire
  • Babylonian Empire
  • Persian Empire
  • Shang Dynasty
  • Egyptian Empire
  • Zhou Dynasty
  • Macedonian Empire
  • Qin Dynasty
  • Han Dynasty
  • Armenian Empire
  • Xin Dynasty
  • Gallic Empire
  • Hunnic Empire
  • Latin Empire
  • Mongol Empire

Other examples from Rock’s “Selective Outrage”:

January 6th

“You see the Capitol riots? White men trying to overthrow the government, that they run!” – Chris Rock

It does not occur to the Social Justice Race Essentialist mind that people who are the same race (and gender) have differing ideas on what is just or unjust. Just because two people are of the same race and gender, it in no way means the person (or group) with power is acting on behalf of those who share their gender or race. It’s akin to saying: “How did a war occur in China between Mao’s Communists and Chiang’s Nationalists? They were all Chinese! How was there a Russian Civil War between Reds and Whites? They were all Russian!”


“America’s in horrible shape. We got it worse, than Ukraine. Yeah I said it…Ukraine is united, and America is clearly divided.” – Chris Rock

I guess after Rock researched the stark contrast between Ukrainian separatists in the Donbas supporting Viktor Yanukovych and those in 2014 supporting Petro Poroshenko leading to an eight-year civil war killing 14,000 people, Rock came to the conclusion that like White men, all Ukrainians are on the same page.

I was not aware that Volodymyr Zelenskyy was on the same page with the people who he enslaved via conscription to fight in his military, the political parties he banned, and the media he nationalized.

Jim Crow

Rock makes a great point at the end about the evils of Jim Crow Laws which forbid Blacks from seeing White dentists. It’s pure evil for a third party to forcibly restrict two consenting parties from engaging in a mutually beneficial voluntary economic exchange. This is the central goal of the Libertarian Institute, and on this issue we stand firmly with Chris Rock!

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