Dems Giving Each Other Very Bad Advice

by | Sep 25, 2020

I mean I know they’re mostly rationalizing the fact that Biden just can’t keep up a busy schedule and as they admit they’re afraid he’s going to trip up and say something crazy or forget what he’s saying, so they’re spinning like crazy in this Politico story. But do they believe their own bs?:

“The Democratic nominee is sticking to his strategy: Keep a low profile, and let Trump light himself on fire.

“’This is a referendum on Trump, and we’re not playing his game. You shouldn’t, either,’ the Biden adviser instructed. ‘Real people don’t care about Biden’s travel. Fox [News] does. This is not what people are talking about. Look at the polling: It’s littered with hot takes about Biden that have been proven stone-cold wrong time and again.’

“So, it’s tempting, if not fashionable, to acquiesce to the “nothing matters” point of view given the steadiness of the race and Trump’s failures to break through. Biden’s strategy of standing aside and letting Trump light himself on fire has been successful. Why change it now?

“But some Democrats have grown nervous about the lack of an on-ground presence and, in the case of states like Florida, Biden’s softening voter-registration numbers.

“In the end, they’re hoping the polls are right in nearly every battleground state and that antipathy for Trump is so strong it inspires enough turnout to compensate for the relative lack of enthusiasm Biden’s base might have for its candidate.”

There is no way in the world they are going to beat the spread with a campaign like that. What is Trump going to do or say that he hasn’t already done to make things so much worse for himself? It would have to be really bad, not some fake Jeffrey Goldberg rumor-mongering. In the time they’ve got left, they better have one hell of a surprise coming or they can forget it.

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