DHS Bulletin Warns of Dangerous, Anti-Government ‘Extremists’

by | Dec 2, 2022

From a DHS Bulletin dated November 30, 2022:  

Perceptions of government overreach continue to drive individuals to attempt to commit violence targeting government officials and law enforcement officers. In August 2022, an individual wearing body armor and armed with a firearm and a nail gun attempted to forcibly enter the Cincinnati, Ohio Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). When uniformed officers responded, the individual fled the scene, resulting in a pursuit and eventual shots fired by responding officers. In the days preceding the attack, the individual called on others to acquire weapons and kill federal law enforcement, claiming he felt he was fighting in a “civil war.”

Some domestic violent extremists have expressed grievances based on perceptions that the government is overstepping its Constitutional authorities or failing to perform its duties. Historically, issues related to immigration and abortion have been cited by prior attackers as inspiration for violence. Potential changes in border security enforcement policy, an increase in noncitizens attempting to enter the U.S., or other immigration-related developments may heighten these calls for violence.


Before briefly commenting, I want to unequivocally assert I am against all forms of violence and firmly believe in the non-aggression principle. 

Reading the full bulletin, what we might learn is that there seems to be a public/private partnership for the purposes of surveillance and coordination to not only violate our First Amendment rights but our Second Amendment rights and our Fourth Amendment rights. 

This government is letting us know that stripping us of our inalienable rights is not government overreach. The government lives and thrives by committing violence. It is the threat of violence that is the government’s main tool to keep people compliant and obedient. 

The government will grant favors to those who cooperate with its repression and suppression of the American people. This is the public/private partnership. Private parties getting deputized to act as agents and proxies for the government and get granted special benefits, privileges and immunities in doing so. 

Apparently doubting anything any government official, whether elected or anointed or appointed or imposed. To question or doubt anything they say is an act of disinformation and you are a disinformation terrorist. And all “good” members of society should make sure that obedience and compliance is enforced. Otherwise our democracy will collapse and implode. The preservation of our democracy seemingly depends upon the government acting as a monopolist in the creation, dissemination and flow of information. 

So I guess this “democracy” kind of works this way: no inalienable rights. Only privileges for good behavior. Good behavior is obedience and compliance. The best citizen is a lobotomized citizen. 

Also, notice their language with respect to border enforcement. I am not bringing this up to debate immigration policy but to point out their choice of words. Changes in border security enforcement policy? Has the change had any impact? Has it improved border security? If not, why has the change been made?  

Oops. My bad. I might be engaging in disinformation for asking these questions. Of course whatever changes made are for the best. I do not want to question that. Otherwise I would be challenging our faith in government institutions, destroying our democracy and engaging in disinformation. 

Our ruling elite, both in and out of government want a nation of compliant, obedient, lobotomized zombies. It is said that they deem the greatest threat to our country as an independent person who thinks and thinks for themselves. The independent, thinking individual usually employs those traits and attributes not to perform acts of violence but to create prosperity and not only for themselves. That is the beauty of true free-market capitalism, the most moral system. You only create prosperity by fulfilling and satiating the wants and needs of others. The better you serve others. The more prosperity you accrue. And all voluntary. All with our consent. All without the absence of force. 

To quote Hayek,  “In government, the scum rises to the top.”

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