Glynn County District Attorney Jackie Johnson is a Guilty Accessory to Murder

by | May 9, 2020

The ex-cop whose son murdered that black jogger? The cops were ready to arrest them both for murder right there on the spot, but then the perp’s “blue privilege” kicked in:

The police at the scene went to her, saying they were ready to arrest both of them. These were the police at the scene who had done the investigation,” Commissioner Allen Booker, who has spoken with Glynn County police, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “She shut them down to protect her friend McMichael.”

Greg McMichael, now retired, once worked as an investigator in Johnson’s office.

Commissioner Peter Murphy, who also said he spoke directly to Glynn County police about the incident, said officers at the scene concluded they had probable cause to make arrests and contacted Johnson’s office to inform the prosecutor of their decision.

“They were told not to make the arrest,” Murphy said.

Of course, their accessory after the fact, the DA, will never be held accountable in any way whatsoever other than good people like you and me making sure that her name is made famous so her children always know that humanity hate their mom because of what a sub-human disgusting piece of shit she is. Your mom’s a piece of shit, kid. Everybody thinks so. No, really. Here’s what else they all say about her too:

The Arbery case isn’t the only one Johnson has been criticized over. For more than a month, her office has known of new DNA evidence that, the Georgia Innocence Project says, proves Dennis Perry, a man who’s been in prison 20 years for murder, is innocent. Johnson hasn’t acted to free Perry — even though four legal experts say she should do so immediately.

If there is a God, he is very unlikely to forgive Jackie Johnson for these deadly sins. There’s a better chance he’ll have Satan torture her with fire forever and ever and ever, like she deserves.

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