High Priests of Idaho’s Prohibition Cult Extract Their Penalty

by | Mar 3, 2017

Arguably the most Republican state in the soyuz, Idaho is also among the most punitive regarding the use of the Satanic Communist Demon Weed that fuels the waking nightmares of the desiccated obscurantist who now heads the Department of Justice. Surrounded by states with relatively enlightened policies regarding marijuana use, Idaho’s political class is perversely determined to preserve its pre-medieval prohibition laws.

The case of Gooding mother Idaho mother Kelsey Irene Osborne, who used marijuana-infused butter to treat her 3-year-old daughter’s violent seizures, presented something of a predicament for Idaho officials: They desperately wanted to inflict exemplary punishment on an impudent woman who set at defiance the wisdom of her rulers, but were aware that in doing so their vindictiveness might finally provoke a reaction from reasonable people residing within their jurisdiction who have thus far remained silent.

Owing to the fact that emissaries of the evil fiction called the state can never confess error, Osborne has been sentenced to probation and 100 hours of community service for her supposed offense, which in substance amounts to unauthorized distribution of the natural version of a product approved for state-supervised use — if it is distributed through a government-allied pharmaceutical interest.

Republican Governor Butch Otter, who occasionally poses as a defender of “states’ rights,” approved a pilot program in which a limited number of parents are permitted to use a synthetic cannabis derivative to treat epilepsy and similar conditions in their children. He has subsequently petitioned Donald Trump and Chief Procurator Sessions to crack down on neighboring states that have cast off the shackles of marijuana prohibition.

Defined in strictly constitutional terms, that request could be described as a species of treason: Given the militarized nature of prohibition enforcement, and the fact that all federal drug enforcement is unconstitutional (where is the requisite constitutional amendment?), Otter is seeking to levy war against neighboring states.

While she is a casualty of the exercise in derangement called the war on drugs, Osborne — unlike too many others — was not on the receiving end of lethal force. Not yet, anyway. She claims that her plea bargain was extorted from her with the help of someone who is a casualty of another of the empire’s unending wars. According to her attorney, Tom Curl, Osborne’s ex-boyfriend, whom she describes as “a Marine veteran PTSD sufferer [and] very unstable,” threatened her into accepting the plea deal. According to the attorney, “I have text messages [and] recordings” documenting the alleged threats, Curl told the Twin Falls Times-News.

Will Grigg

Will Grigg

Will Grigg (1963–2017), the former Managing Editor of The Libertarian Institute, was an independent, award-winning investigative journalist and author. He authored six books, most recently his posthumous work, No Quarter: The Ravings of William Norman Grigg.

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