How Good Does Trump’s Wall Sound Now, Cowboy?

by | Oct 12, 2019

People who were in favor of Trumps boarder wall are now are starting to reconsider the consequences of the policy. Eminent domain a seizes the soil hard-working Texans have tilled, farmed, or simply invested in, as if they actually “didn’t build that” in the first place. It’s almost as if they never even owned to begin with. The authoritative exploitation of the state has delegitimized all private-ownership of not just Texas, but every individual. As I like to emphasize, the best way to get people to care about public policy is to hit where it hurts most: their wallets.

No matter what you think about Trump’s broken campaign promise (which is quite redundant if you ask me) of “building the wall,” fencing off the Southern boarder didn’t start with him. In fact, it’s been going on for decades. However, in a more contemporary time-frame, Bush Jr. put such policy into action in ’06 with The Secure Fence Act, which Barry (Obama, but that’s not as fun to say), continued throughout his administration as well.

A recent article in Texas magazine, appropriately named, The Texan, revealed at the end of September, “U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced that three new contracts had been awarded for the construction of 65 miles of new border wall across Starr, Hidalgo, and Cameron counties.”

Such policy can’t be executed without eminent domain. For all you Constitutionalists out there, your precious document and rights have clearly been violated. Specifically, the piece explains that the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution authorizes the federal government is to seize private property to convert it into public. All thanks to the enumerated power-chicanery known as eminent domain.

However, should the federal government choose to exercise such chicanery, two conditions must be met by the Fifth Amendment.

  1. Landowners must be justly compensated for their property.
  2. Seized property must be used for public benefit.


Bonus condition: If citizens feel that their appraisal value is too low or that the statute the government is claiming doesn’t apply, property owners are legally able to argue the eminent domain claim in question.

Eminent domain is a perfect example of how the state is (like its economic policy) a consumer. A leach. A parasite. It feeds off of the fruits of the productive private sector. The self-made entrepreneurs.

Taking away your own property for “protection”? That’s just an excuse by the state to take your stuff. As a Libertarian, “don’t hurt people, and don’t take their stuff is kind of my M.O. And as a Texas (not to sound like a Nationalist/Collectivist or anything), this hits close to home. As much as libertarians sound like broken records, taxation is theft. I’m not in favor of paying for a wall that gives the state an excuse to seize the property of my Texan brothers and sisters. Not to mention your tax dollars are paying for the damn thing to go up in the first place. What does that make it now? Double theft?!? Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop with Texas. The Act called for the construction of more than 650 miles of fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border, leading to more than 360 DHS filed lawsuits against property owners in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

Despite any false claim of humanitarian efforts of protecting our children from gang-banging drug cartels and rapists crossing the boarder (which is the fault of the US War On Drugs in the first place), property rights ARE human rights.

Look here, sonny. The God’s honest truth is, the government doesn’t care about protecting you. It’s almost as if they want to create more chaos and danger in society so you can live in fear and reman dependent on their protection. Leave it to the boys in blue to serve and protect you with no-knock raids that allow them to murder innocent, harmless Americans and their dogs in plain sight. But nobody wants to talk about that kind of danger; the danger that’s within the boarders of these “United States.” More like “united statists.” Is it now too crazy to ponder that maybe they are in fact trying to close us in as people, prevent us from leaving and keep us dependent on their inefficient, low-quality, mal-incentivized public services that we’re forced to pay for at gun point?

There couldn’t be more evidence here to prove you don’t actually own anything. What’s a mortgage other than rent you pay for your house, or any real-estate/property/assets for that matter, to Uncle Sam? They can take your stuff at gun-point all for the “sake of your protection”, your well-being. They know what’s good for you, You’re too stupid to think for yourself. That, brothers and sisters, is the kind of faith your government has in you. We should reciprocate the same sentiment towards our tyrannical government. We all know too well that they can’t protect us, and trapping us like lab mice is in no way going to keep, nor make us safer.


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