Hush Money for Hos

by | Feb 27, 2019

Trump and Cohen may have broken campaign finance laws paying hush money for hos. I’m no lawyer, and don’t know enough about the details to say either way.

And I’m for impeaching and removing all presidents all the time. Trump should be convicted and locked in prison with Barack Obama for life for the genocide in Yemen alone, never-even-mind the rest of their war crimes.

But hush money for hos seems like a pretty big let down from the Democrats’ whole “the president is a treasonous agent of the Russian government” schtick they’ve been pushing the last 2 1/2 years (the real target of which is Putin more than Trump).

Clearly the entire establishment has rallied together against the president, not because of how bad he is on anything. They hate him because they know he doesn’t believe all the horseshit they shovel about endless U.S. “liberal hegemony” over the world and they’re terrified that he’d ever do anything about it, like pull troops out of Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia or East Asia.

This is ironic of course since Trump is no Ron Paul at all. He has no true doctrine against interventionism, he’s just cheap and so doesn’t like the idea of “helping” people in other countries at America’s expense. But as a right wing fake-macho bullshit artist, escalating military budgets, bombing campaigns and SOCOM missions anywhere in the world have been just fine with him. So is doing whatever Netanyahu wants in Palestine and Iran. His “anti-NATO” talk has been nothing but complaints that EU countries need to spend more money on American arms.

So what’s their problem anyway other than he’s an uglier American than the last two, who killed between half a million and a million people each?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what’s not in the Mueller report.

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