If the CIA and Democrats Try to Overthrow You in a Militarist Putsch, Don’t Rely on Republicans to Help

The problem with the Republicans is that they’re too stupid to even tell you what day it is, much less defend anyone from a CIA plot.

Look at this damned fool Rep. Randy Weber try to defend Trump by bringing up this insane/stupid/where-did-they-even-get-this-crap-from red herring that Crowdstrike is a Ukrainian company.

Weber: Is CrowdStrike in part owned by a Ukrainian?

CNN jerk: No!

Weber: Really?

CNN: Yes!

Weber: That’s not the information that we have.

What an idiot. In other words, he heard that somewhere and has not the first clue what at all in the world he’s talking about. If he knew anything about the story at all he would know that Crowdstrike is compromised as hell and their claims are highly doubtful at best, but not because their owner is Ukrainian — he’s not — and not because the DNC server has ever been credibly reported to be in Ukraine now.

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