Impeachment Hearings

by | Nov 13, 2019

Wow. Kent making clear the importance to the establishment of bringing Ukraine into NATO ASAP.

He called the Ukrainian militias fighting the people in the east, who are backed by Russian help, “minutemen” like those who served George Washington in America’s War of Independence from Britain.

Hey, why not?

If there was any question here as to the real motives of the American coup plotters here, they’ve already been put to rest. To the Blob, the eastward expansion of America’s military alliance in Eastern Europe is a sacred duty beyond question. No president has the right to overrule their consensus about that. Especially not this freak. So they do what they must.

Taylor now begins the same schtick: Ukraine is so important to America’s “interests.”

David Stockman pre-ridicules this assertion here.

Taylor: Ukraine is America’s “front line” in the conflict with Russia. Garet Garrett laughing in hell.

Haha, he claims that Yanukovich fled “street protests.” Says Russia “invaded” Crimea. Says referendum was held at “riflepoint.” Claims Russia invaded eastern Donbass, no mention of defense from attack by Kiev. What a despicable/hilarious liar.

No mention of Right Sector or the Azov Battalion. Big surprise.

As far as his story about the pressure from Trump and all, I have no reason to doubt it. Just don’t give a damn.



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