Joe Biden is Unbelievable Scum, On Everything, Always

by | Oct 17, 2019

Here read all about Joe Biden lying about the trucker that his wife drove out in front of back in ’72, falsely accusing the man of being drunk and at fault.

How does a man lie about the death of his own wife and little girl? For what? That it gains him .00001% more sympathy points from his crowds of also-terrible people?

I can’t wait to hear Joe let us know that it was drunk Robert Byrd, and not himself, who was the chair of the Senate foreign relations committee in 2002 and 2003 who did everything he could to help George W. Bush and Dick Cheney start Iraq War II, where his son Beau caught a case of the brain cancer from his local U.S. Army burn pit. (It was Beau’s death from his father’s war cancer that made his wife available for Biden’s other son, the successful Ukrainian gas company executive Hunter Biden, to cheat on his own wife with. An affair that their father of course endorsed, while it lasted.)

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