More On Michele Flournoy From Kelly B. Vlahos

by | Jul 8, 2020

Highly educated, elitist upbringing, high achiever, successful – ‘She’s a technocrat—smart and efficient and highly bred for Washington’s finely tuned managerial class.”

“But elite is as elite does. She went from Beverly Hills High School to Harvard to Oxford, and then back to Harvard, before landing a political appointment in the Clinton Administration. In between government perches, she did consulting and started CNAS in hopes of creating a shadow national security council for Hillary Clinton. When Clinton didn’t get the nomination, Flournoy and her colleagues supported Obama and helped populate his administration, supporting the military surge in Afghanistan and prolonging the war. She was called the “mastermind” behind Obama’s Afghan strategy, which we now know was a failure, an effort at futility and prolonging the inevitable. In fact, we know now that most of the war establishment was lying through its teeth. But that hasn’t stopped her from getting clients. They pay for her influence, not her ability to win wars.”

“Queen of the Blob, Queen of Business as Usual”

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