News Roundup 11/11/16

  • Obama instructs the military to target al-Nusra in Syria. Al-Nusra is a group linked to al-Qaeda. [Link]
  • A US coalition airstrike outside of Raqqa kills 20 civilians. The airstrike was supporting US-backed forces offensive against the ISIS Syrian capital city. [Link]
  • The US Cental Command now admits that 119 civilians have been killed in US operations in Iraq and Syria since 2014. This new number is double the initial report, but still well below estimates from humanitarian organizations. [Link]
  • At least four have been killed in a Taliban attack on a German Consulate in Afghanistan. [Link]
  • Claims of Iran violating the nuclear deal continue to be mostly mythical. [Link]
  • Secretary Carter says the US must start spending money on nuclear weapons now. [Link]
  • A universal health care ballot measure was defeated in Colorado by an 80-20 margin. [Link]
  • A list of Trump’s plans for his first 100 days in office. [Link]
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