News Roundup 11/13/16

  • Obama gives up on attempting to pass that Tras-Pacific Partnership. [Link]
  • A look into Trump’s Transition team. Mike Pence will head the team that includes Trump’s children. [Link]
  • Hillary Clinton blames FBI Director Comey in part for her election loss to Trump. [Link]
  • An explosion in Pakistan kills at least 52. The Islamic State is claiming responsibility. [Link]
  • The Iraqi Kurdish forces involved in the Mosul operations have stopped their advances and said that their invasion goals are all accomplished. Kurdish forces are now working to build a new border for Iraqi Kurdistan. [Link]
  • Human Rights Watch reports Iraqi Kurdish forces destroyed homes of Arabs in at least 21 villages and towns. [Link]
  • Turkey conducts airstrikes on Islamic State forces in Syria, killing 18 of their fighters. Turkey-backed Syrian rebels and Islamic state engaged in on the ground fights, with each side losing five militants. [Link]
  • The three US soldiers that were killed in Jordan on November 4th were working for the CIA to train Syrian Rebels. [Link]
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