News Roundup 11/15/16

  • A judge has ordered the release of Brendan Dassey from prison. Dassey was made famous by the series ‘Making a Murder’ that revealed that the interrogation tactics used against him likely caused him to confess to a crime falsely. [Link]
  • Forbes breaks down the amount police collect from its citizens in fines, fee, and forfeitures. Washington DC comes in first by collecting $227 per resident in 2013, Chicago is second collecting $97 per resident, and Boston is third collecting $82 per resident. [Link]
  • The FBI has hired Dataminr to search for illegal activity on Twitter. Dataminr can search through Twitter data in near real time with customizable filters. [Link]
  • A minimum wage increase in Washington state caused childcare price to skyrocket. [Link]
  • Trump and Putin speak on the phone and agree to work to improve relations between the countries. [Link]
  • Venezuela’s currency loses 43% of its value in one month. [Link]
  • Germany bans the Islamic group The True Religion. The German government raided 190 sites believed to be tied to the group. [Link]
  • The International Criminal Court find in a preliminary probe that the US likely committed war crimes in Afghanistan. [Link]
  • Two Turkish-backed Syrian rebels groups were fighting North of Aleppo. Both groups were flying the Free Syrian Army flag. Militants fighting for Ahrar al-Sham were able to drive back forces fighting for the Levant Group. [Link]
  • Indian shelling in the Kashmir region leaves 7 Pakistani soldiers dead. Pakistan reports they responded to the Indian shelling, but the Indian government has not reported any casualties. [Link]
  • The Saudi war against Yemen continues to harm Yemeni civilians. The World Health Organization reports more than 4,000 cases of cholera in Yemen. On Sunday, 13 Yemeni civilians were killed by Saudi airstrikes. [Link]
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