News Roundup 11/21/16

by | Nov 21, 2016

  • Tennessee Valley Authority CEO, Bill Johnson, was paid $6.45 million in the fiscal year 2016. Johnson the highest paid federal employee. [Link]
  • Former Congressman Aaron Schock has been indicted for using campaign funds for his lavish lifestyle and taking constituents money for tours around the capital. [Link]
  • Police departments across America are spending millions on services that spy on American’s social media accounts. [Link]
  • Police and pipeline protesters clashed in North Dakota last night. The protesters tried to start several fires. Police fired rubber bullets, used tear gas, and used a water cannon on the protesters. One arrest was reported by police, and seven protesters went to the hospital with head injuries. [Link]
  • Obama agrees to a deal with the EU to lock in sanctions against Russia. The sanctions agreement will make it more difficult for Trump to normalize relations with Russia. [Link]
  • Reports of war crimes continue to surface from both sides of the war in Iraq. ISIS is forcing civilians out of their homes and using them as human shields. Iraqi government-backed militias are accused of recruiting child soldiers. [Link]
  • The US coalition to retake Raqqa is falling apart. Many Kurdish fighters are leaving the Raqqa assault to contest Turkey in Afrin. Arab militants are also leaving the coalition because they feel the US is favoring Kurdish fighters. [Link]
  • Rockets fired by Syrian rebels kill eight children at a school in government-held Aleppo. [Link]
  • No hospitals are remaining in the rebel-held area of Aleppo. Airstrikes in the past week have destroyed the last hospitals in the area. [Link]
  • 20 people have been killed and 50 wounded in a tribal conflict in Libya. The conflict started when a pet monkey attacked a high school girl. [Link]
  • The Islamic State is taking responsibility for an attack in Pakistan that left 4 Pakistani security force members dead. [Link]
  • The Yemen ceasefire expired Monday morning and will not be renewed. Both sides of the conflict violated the ceasefire while it was in effect over the weekend.  [Link]

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