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News Roundup 1/19/17

by | Jan 19, 2017

  • A Pittsburg mall once valued at $190 million sells for $100 at a foreclosure action. [Link]
  • The St. Louis Police Depart is being sued by a woman because a police officer searched her vagina for drugs in public. [Link]
  • Julian Assange says Obama did not meet the conditions of the deal for him to be extradited to the US. Assange has previously said that if Obama grants Chelsea Manning clemency, then he will allow himself to be extradited to the US. While Obama did grant Manning clemency, it was not immediate clemency as Assange requested. [Link] Assange did state that he is willing to come to the US if his rights are guaranteed. [Link]
  • The Defense Department has trained some high-ranking foreign military leaders at its top defense schools. At least 17 of these men went on to be convicted or accused of human rights violations or serious crimes. These crimes have included extrajudicial killings and torture. [Link]
  • An al-Qaeda suicide bombing in Mali kills at least 60 and wounds over 100.  [Link]
  • Russia and Turkey conducted joint air attacks against ISIS in the Syrian city of al-Bab. [Link]
  • The US-led coalition against ISIS dropped over 30,000 bombs on Iraq and Syria in 2016. The US is responsible for the vast majority of those bombings. [Link]
  • Nearly 100 Yemeni children have died in suspected cases of cholera. The spread of cholera in Yemen is reported to be slowing some after the outbreak began last year. [Link]

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Kyle Anzalone is news editor of the Libertarian Institute, opinion editor of and co-host of Conflicts of Interest with Will Porter and Connor Freeman.

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