News Roundup 12/27/17

by | Dec 27, 2017

  • Will Grigg on the Christmas truce in 1914. [Link]
  • A 14-year-old girl had been charged with child pornography for sending a nude photo of herself. [Link]
  • James Bovard outlines waste and abuse at DHS. [Link]
  • The FDA food recall process takes up to 10 months for the agency to recall unsafe food. [Link]
  • Since 2002, it has been VA policy to hire medical personnel who had lost their licenses. [Link]
  • Senator Todd Young help up Trump’s nominee to be the legal advisor to the State Department until she sent a letter agreeing to review possible war crimes Saudi Arabia is committing in Yemen. [Link]
  • Counterterrorism airstrikes doubled under Trump. The White House has failed to explain the policy changes that caused the increase. [Link]
  • A four-star US General says US Marines in Norway should be prepared for a “big-ass fight.” [Link]
  • After a new round of Parliamentary elections in Catalonia, pro-independence parties have a majority of seats. [Link]
  • Poland’s Supreme Court accuses the government of attempting a coup. The government looked to gain powers in appointing justices. [Link]
  • Lorde cancels Tel Aviv concert over the Israeli government’s human rights abuses. [Link]
  • A militant group in Libya destroyed a major oil pipeline. [Link]
  • Dennis Bernstein and Matthew Hoh discuss the war in Afghanistan. [Link]
  • Afghan officials admit that the US targeting drug labs have been ineffective. [Link]
  • Daniel Lazare explains the US role in supporting Syrian jihadists under Obama. [Link]
  • A Syrian jet was downed, and al-Qaeda executed the pilot. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia killed 70 Yemeni civilians on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. On Tuesday, Saudi killed at least 25 civilians in an airstrike on a market. [Link]

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