News Roundup 2/7/17

by | Feb 7, 2017

  • The FBI will no longer accept FOIA requests by email. The FBI is setting up a web portal that FOIA requests will go through. The web portal will allow people to only submit one request per day and only request one per submission. [Link]
  • The City of Chicago will put 100s of microphones around the city in an attempt to track gunshots. The microphones will be placed 15-20 feet above ground and constantly record. [Link]
  • The US has alliances with over 50 other countries that will require the US to go to war in defense of those countries. [Link]
  • A 16-year-old Palensitenian girl has been sentenced to six months in prison after Israeli authorities found a knife in her bag. They accused the girl of wanting to carry out resistance actions. The girl has already spent 14 months in prison waiting for trial. [Link]
  • Israel passed a law legalizing 4,000 settlers homes built on privately owned Palensitenian land. [Link]
  • 923 children were killed by war in Afghanistan in 2016. This is a 25% increase in the number of children killed in 2015. [Link]
  • 3,498 civilians were killed by war in Afghanistan in 2016. An additional 7,920 were wounded by fighting. [Link]
  • Doctors Without Borders releases a statement claiming that Yemen is in a full humanitarian crisis and all sides of the conflict are carrying out attacks without regard to civilian lives. [Link]

Kyle Anzalone

Kyle Anzalone

Kyle Anzalone is news editor of the Libertarian Institute, opinion editor of and co-host of Conflicts of Interest with Will Porter and Connor Freeman.

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