News Roundup 3/22/18

by | Mar 22, 2018

  • Trump looks to export more lethal drones. [Link]
  • Jeff Sessions orders federal prosecutors to seek the death penalty in some drug cases. [Link]
  • Both Houses of Congress have now passed H R 1865/SESTA. The bill makes it a federal crime to post sex ads online. [Link]
  • Ben Swann explains how a new “anti-sex trafficking” bill/SESTA will actually hurt victims. [Link]
  • New SESTA law will lead to censorship. [Link]
  • Peter Van Buren on the nomination of Gina Haspel to be CIA Director. [Link]
  • Moon of Alabama breaks down the history of USSR chemical weapons research and the nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy. [Link]
  • Peru’s President resigns over corruption and vote-buying scandals. [Link]
  • Ahed Tamimi will serve eight months in prison for slapping an Israeli soldier who shot her cousin in the face. [Link]
  • Mohammad bin Salman is not a reformer. [Link]
  • The US policy in Syria is to mask the regime change operation as an anti-terror mission. [Link]
  • Maj. Danny Sjursen explains the Iraq War has been a 15-year long failure. [Link]
  • India confirms that 39 citizens were killed after being abducted by ISIS in Iraq in 2014. [Link]
  • Andrew Cockburn explains how the US helped grow the Afghan opium trade. [Link]
  • The UN reports executions, torture, and the slave trade continue in Libya. [Link]

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