News Roundup 3/7/18

by | Mar 7, 2018

  • Maj. Danny Sjursen explains how US Generals are failing their troops. [Link]
  • The Pentagon gave away $16 billion of US taxpayer’s money on weapon sales. [Link]
  • Kellyanne Conway is accused of breaking the Hatch Act and illegally supporting a candidate as a government official. [Link]
  • Moon of Alabama debunks the Steele Dossier. [Link]
  • A coalition at the UN is pushing for Israel, Myanmar, and Afghanistan to be blacklisted for violating children rights. [Link]
  • Ray McGovern explains why Russia worked to advance their nuclear weapons. [Link]
  • South Korea says North Korea is willing to denuclearize. [Link]
  • US-backed Syrian forces stop fighting ISIS to fight Turkey. [Link]
  • At least 50 have been killed as the Syrian Army advances in East Ghouta. [Link] The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimates that 800 civilians have been killed in the weeks-long fighting for East Ghouta. [Link]
  • A UN report says the US and Russia killed a massive number of civilians in Syria. [Link]
  • Ron Paul makes the cause for leaving Iraq. [Link]
  • The Executive Branch is working to prevent the Yemen War Powers Act from being passed. [Link]

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Kyle Anzalone is news editor of the Libertarian Institute, opinion editor of and co-host of Conflicts of Interest with Will Porter and Connor Freeman.

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