News Roundup 4/27/17

by | Apr 27, 2017

  • Trump releases his tax plan. Trump’s plan calls for several changes to the US tax code. [Link]
  • Trump has given Mattis the power to determine US troop levels in the fight against ISIS. [Link]
  • The US conducted a test of the Minuteman III missile as a show of force to North Korea. The missile costs $40 million. [Link]
  • FedEx won a $2.35 billion dollar contract from the Pentagon. [Link]
  • Two New York City cops have been caught taking bribes in exchange for giving out gun carry permits. [Link]
  • A US Navy ship operating off the coast of Iran fired a warning flare at an Iranian ship that was about 1,000 meters from the US ship. [Link]
  • The North Korean military relies heavily on artillery. The capital of South Korea is within the range of some of North Korea’s artillery. [Link]
  • 1,009 Turkish police officers have been detained. Erdogan has detained over 45,000 people since the July coup. [Link]
  • ISIS fighters in the Old City of Mosul dressed as Iraqi government forces and announced to civilians that they had driven ISIS from the area. 15 civilians who showed support for the Iraqi military were killed by the ISIS fighters. [Link]
  • Kurdish YPG fighters report an exchange of fire with Turkish border security forces. [Link]
  • A massive explosion has been reported near the airport in Damascus. An Israel air strike is reported to have hit a Hezbollah weapons depot near the airport. [Link]

On Foreign Policy Focus #32, I discuss the failures of the US media. Even after the disasters of the War on Terror, the mainstream media continues to be uncritical of US foreign policy. I discuss some of the biggest failures of the media. I point out some easy questions that our media can ask to expose the lies of the American government. I also update news about North Korea, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Syria. LISTEN HERE!!!

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