News Roundup 5/15/17

by | May 15, 2017

  • 57,000 computers have been infected by a new malware worm. The new malware worm was based on an NSA designed flaw in the Windows operating system. The NSA design flaw was leaked by Shadow Brokers. [Link]
  • This interview looks into the widespread use of US Special Forces. [Link]
  • 45,000 refugees have crossed the Mediterranean Sea from Libya to Italy in 2017. The 45,000 refugees are 40% more than the number of refugees who made the trip by this time last yeat. At least 1,222 people have died attempting to make the trip in 2017. [Link]
  • North Korea has conducted a missile test for the seventh time this year. The US government again condemned North Korea for testing the missile. [Link]
  • In Colombia, FARC soldiers are taking the first steps to reenter civilian life. The FARC rebellions recently agreed to a peace deal with the Colombian government. [Link]
  • The government of the Ivory Coast’s inability to pay a bonus to its military has led to some members of the military to rebel. [Link]
  • The UN condemns the widespread use of torture by the Pakistani police, the intelligence community, and military. [Link]
  • Two civilians in Kashmir were killed by fighting between the Pakistani and Indian military. [Link]
  • In the fight for West Mosul, the Iraqi army has not made progress in weeks along the Southern battle lines. The Iraqi army has started a new operation in the North West of Mosul. [Link]
  • SDF forces are now fighting ISIS about 4 kilometers from the city of Raqqa. [Link]
  • The Syrian army is moving closer to taking the Qaboun district from Syrian rebels. The district is outside of Damascus. The Syria army has relied heavily on airstrikes to take the district. [Link] The rebels have agreed to a deal that will allow them to disarm and leave the district for Idlib Province. [Link]
  • In Yemen, the city of Sanaa has declared a state of emergency due to a cholera outbreak. At least a few dozen people in Yemen have died from cholera. [Link]

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