News Roundup 7/20/17

by | Jul 20, 2017

  • A police officer accidentally recording himself planting drugs. [Link]
  • A police dog died after being locked in a police car on a 95-degree day. The dog died of heat exustion, and the officer who was responsible for the dog was reassigned. [Link]
  • Senator John McCain has been diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. [Link]
  • The Pentagon will spend $2.39 million on an office at Trump Tower. [Link]
  • Nikki Haley criticized African nations for failing to meet the needs of the 14 million Africans facing famine. [Link]
  • Trump is ending the CIA’s program of arming and training Syrian rebels. [Link]
  • Speaker Paul Ryan unilaterally removed an amendment to the 2018 NDAA. The amendment was sponsored by Barbra Lee and would have repealed the 2001 AUMF. [Link]
  • NATO will begin large war games involving 30,000 soldiers. NATO will conduct three dozen war games this year. [Link]
  • France’s armed forces minister resigns because of the president’s proposed cuts to defense spending. [Link]
  • The Israeli president was caught on a hot mic saying the EU’s policy on Israel is crazy. The president also admitted to dozens and dozens of Israeli strikes against Hezbollah in Syria. [Link]
  • This article explains how Saudi Arabia transferred power to the new Crown Prince. [Link]
  • Patrick Cockburn reports up to 40,000 civilians were killed in the battle for Mosul. Cockburn’s article also details the problem of ISIS fighters being released after someone pays a bribe to Iraqi security forces. [Link]
  • The Turkish government leaked the position of ten US military points in Northwest Syria. [Link]
  • Syrian news outlets report Assad has given Iran approval to build an Iranian military base in Syria. [Link]
  • Fighting has broken out between Syrian rebel groups in the Idlib Province. [Link]
  • The Saudi led coalition killed over 20 civilians with airstrikes in Yemen. [Link]
  • Charities that support the rights of children are asking the UN to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for killing children in Yemen. In a report released last year, the UN pulled Saudi Arabia from a list of countries that kill children. [Link]

On Foreign Policy Focus #68 I address the alternate reality created by the mainstream media. The alternate reality keeps American uninformed on foreign policy. Then I update two new Trump appointments. I also discuss Trump’s policy on Iran. I give news updates on Mosul, Raqqa, and Yemen. LISTEN HERE!!

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