News Roundup 7/31/17

by | Jul 31, 2017

  • Trump fired Reince Priebus as White House Chief of Staff. Trump named General John Kelly to the position. [Link]
  • Trump says he expects the US to withdraw from the P5+1 Nuclear Agreement with Iran in September. [Link]
  • Trump threatens to with hold bailouts to health insurance companies and Members of Congress if a new healthcare bill is not passed. [Link]
  • A New Jersey man has been arrested and accused of owing $88,000 in toll fees. [Link]
  • John McCain cast the deciding vote against the “skinny” repeal of Obamacare. [Link]
  • The US economy grew 2.6% in Q2. [Link]
  • Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats says Kim Jung Un learned from Libya not to give up his nukes. [Link]
  • Trump will sign the sanctions bill. The sanctions bill puts new sanctions on Russian, Iran, and North Korea. [Link] Russia told the US Embassy in Russia to reduce staff in response to the sanctions bill. [Link] Putin said Russia will expel 755 US diplomats. [Link] The US put additional sanctions on Iran because Iran launched a missile carrying a satellite. [Link]
  • Iran claims a US Navy aircraft fired warning shots at an Iranian ship in the Persian Gulf. [Link]
  • At least five Russians in Europe have been arrested on cyber security charges in the past nine months. The arrests are part of US cyber crimes prosecutions. [Link]
  • Rand Paul is pushing for two Senate amendments to the NDAA. One amendment repeals AUMFs, and the other amendment repeals the government’s ability to detain US citizens without charges indefinitely. [Link]
  • North Korea carried out a missile test that is reported to be an ICBM. The US responded by flying two B-1 bombers over northern South Korea. [Link]
  • 15 people in the Philippines were killed in a shootout with police. The police were serving a warrant to search for drugs. One of the dead is a mayor who President Duarte accused of being involved with drugs. [Link]
  • The Pakistani Prime Minister left office after the supreme court ruled against him on corruption charges. [Link]
  • A former Pakistan dictator reported he considered nuking India in 2002. [Link]
  • Trump’s increased military intervention against ISIS has resulted in more civilians deaths. [Link]
  • Iraqi officials say 4,000 ISIS fighters and 3,000 supporters of ISIS remain in Iraq. The officials also estimate there are 7,000 ISIS fighters and 5,000 supporters in Syria. [Link]
  • The cholera outbreak that started in late April in Yemen has now reached 400,000 cases. [Link]
  • Fighting in the port city of Mocha has left 40 dead. [Link]

Will Porter returns to Foreign Policy Focus to debunk Marc Thiessen’s article in the Washington Post. The article is linked here so you can follow along. Will and Kyle take down the article and expose several common lies about US interventionism. LISTEN HERE!!

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